Using Calendars

You can only get better at something when you measure it.

I find myself using calendars for managing time whenever it feels overwhelming. At times, when my mind is overloaded with thoughts and I have a lot of different projects to work on, tracking helps a lot.

I don’t have a perfect system for this yet. What I use right now is Google calendar. I have created different calendars for different areas that I want to track, like Work, Consumption/Learning, Creating etc. And then, everyday I create events which belong to those specific calendars. Other events like meeting invites go to the default Personal calendar. I even plan a few things in advance, like in the morning or at a previous night. Few events like Record podcast are weekly recurring events.

I sync this to the calendar app on my macbook and iPad by adding my Google account to it. I use this app called Istycal which is a minimal calendar that like on my taskbar and shows the Macs calendar.

This system keeps me sane.

I also want to measure how much time I spend on a specific area. I could use apps like rescue time or timely for that but I can risk of giving my data to those companies.

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