About these notes

Hi, I'm Aravind Balla 👋

These are the scattered and unfinished version of my thoughts that run in my head.🏃 Have a sneak peak into my brain. These notes don't have an index of all the things I write, so keep clicking through the things you find interesting. And if a note resembles with you, please let me know. If you strongly. disagree in a note, they you should tell me for sure. Send me a direct message on Twitter and we can talk.

I'm getting into the habit of Writing again, and as a result, I have a few notes lying around in Roam and Notion.

Present areas of focus are

This idea is inspired from Max Stoiber and Andy Matuschak. This project is opensource, built with Gatsby and uses gatsby-theme-andy. I also wrote about how I built this.

If you think this note resonated, be it positive or negative, send me a direct message on Twitter or an email and we can talk. Also ping if you'd like to know the updates on this note.