Using Bear as Roam


python3 --out ~/Bear/notes --backup ~/Bear/backup

note-link-janitor ~/Bear/notes

python3 --out ~/Bear/notes --backup ~/Bear/backup

A huge thanks to Andy. This is only possible because of his Open-source work on Github.

Roam has its pros and cons. So does Bear App. I want the offline-ness of Bear with the backlinking of Roam.

Lucky enough, I found note-link-janitor and Bear-Markdown-Export scripts from Andy, which help Bear sync its notes and add backlinks to it.

Clone the repo

We first need to clone the repo.

git clone

And then install note-link-janitor globally.

yarn global add @andymatuschak/note-link-janitor

Starting the process

Bear markdown export needs a directory where all the notes get exported to, as markdown files.

python3 --out ~/Bear/notes --backup ~/Bear/backup

To these markdown files, note-link-janitor can add backlinks.

note-link-janitor ~/Bear/notes

And then, when you run the first script again, these changes are synced back to Bear.

As the intermediate level is markdown files, which end up being the source if truth, this can be saved on the cloud using Dropbox or GDrive. And you can edit them outside the Apple ecosystem. For me it is iA writer on Android.

An easy way to run this regularly is to create a bash script with those 3 lines, so we can execute all of them in one go.


GitHub - andymatuschak/Bear-Markdown-Export: Markdown export from Bear sqlite database

GitHub - andymatuschak/note-link-janitor: Maintains backlink structure among interlinked Markdown notes

If you think this note resonated, be it positive or negative, send me a direct message on Twitter or an email and we can talk. Also ping if you'd like to know the updates on this note.