Roam Research

The concept of Roam research is interesting. I am writing my thoughts down these days and trying to journal more frequently. Structuring them is difficult, because thoughts don't (generally) have a structure. 📓💭

The problem with apps like Notion is that it is hierarchical in nature. Page inside a Page and so on, which is good in a sense, to organise content. Same is with Evernote.


But with brain dumps, it doesn't always fit like that.

I was using Evernote earlier because of the concept of tags. Notes had to be kept in notebooks, but you could add any number of tags to a note. And, you can browse all the tags, see what notes have been tagged a particular tag.

This allowed things like - Tag named code showed the Notes which were about code, podcasts notes I took about code and notes I took while watching videos about code.

But you have to put sometime into figuring out the tags. Also the search is a bit slow and the results aren't that accurate (in Notion too).

Roam Research changes all these. The structure is graph! 🕸 Everything is connected to everything. Every page is at the leaf level (and is not). I like the new connections among things that are forming.

This is a tweet thread.