Learning Curve podcast

Speaking to a mic is hard. It's similar to making a video while speaking to camera. But then, I am slowing getting used to it and enjoying the process of it. I wrote about why I wanted to start it. And then, I even wrote why you shouldn't wait if you want to start something new.

As a fan of listening to podcasts, I've always wanted to have one. Brittik was the perfect cohost.

Things I learn't while putting out the first ten episodes

About recording and mics.

I don't have a good mic yet, But I learn't how to use the current mic, which is a Blue Ice Snowball(I borrowed it from my friend, Spurgeon). I now record in GarageBand. I sometimes use Audacity to remove the background noise. I stopped recording directly in Audacity as it would sometimes fail and the app isn't stable on mac.

This mic is a condenser one, and it picks up a lot of noise. The trick I use is that, I decrease the sensitivity (the input volume), around 30-50%, and get it very close to my mouth. So now, it records better and the environmental voices are ignored.


Still not a pro at this, but I stammer a lot less. One thing that helped me in this area - put a notebook beside and write things down. I get confused on deciding the order in which I want speak and I'm always trying to remember the next point I would like to talk about. This makes me forget, as well as stammer. So a notebook helps.

We recently added transcripts to the episodes.

There is an AI app called otter.ai which helps you transcribe audio. It even recognises different speakers. Although, it's not correct and accurate every time. We have spend some time correcting it and adjusting the speakers.

One cool thing I do here is - I put the good points in blockquotes. These blockquotes will be fetched randomly from a random episode and will be tweeted by our bot - Tweet LCP Quotes.