How I built this

All this started for me when Max Stoiber started sharing his thoughts in his notes website on Twitter. I found it cool and wanted one for myself too. Back then, I was getting back to writing regularly.

It wasn't a lot of time until Anegus built gatsby-theme-brain (I also found this from Max's tweet). Lot of things were possible with this. I was excited and started to put together stuff. I tweeted what I could build and it caught a few eyes. And then I turned into its own theme - gatsby-theme-andy

We were still figuring out how to stack up the pages side by side with Gatsby as it statically builds all the pages. We would need some kind of a fetch where we get the content of the new page and show it on side. Max was working on achieving that using iframe. This could be a solution but it feels hacky.

And then Mathieu came into the scene and figured out that Gatsby had an API which would do the trick. He quickly made a demo and he abstracted a lot of key functionality into a React Hook - react-stacked-pages-hook.

This was great. I could use the hook and add the stacking up the pages side by side functionality to gatsby-theme-andy. This theme now stands on the shoulders of amazing work by Aengus and Mathieu.

I'm happy that a lot of people like this and use it build their website/gardens with this. It feels good to see sites that are inspired by this.